Let the adventure begin – Sean from APU

It’s the second week, of what feels like months, of my Lithuanian expedition. This entire experience has been incredible, from the study abroad orientation in Vilnius (the capital) to actually arriving at and taking classes at LCC. I wish I could go into detail of everything we’ve done (walking across a frozen lake to a castle, jumping into the Baltic Sea, devouring various delicious traditional Lithuanian foods, you know, the usual…), but that would take forever, and as a college student, I know your time is valuable. Even if you’re on Facebook.

Anyway, I will try my best to keep you, the prospective LCC study abroad student, updated and present you with an opportunity to vicariously preview this amazing place though me. In regards to Lithuania as a whole, I would suggest you brush up on the multi-faceted past of this country. It’ll make you addicted to knowing more about it, and then you’ll end up experiencing it for yourself. It’s the best.

In seeing the expansive history of this small country, I feel guilty for kinda writing Lithuania off as just a place in Eastern Europe. It has a diverse past that ranges from prosperous growth to war-torn hopelessness, which is why being in Lithuania at this moment, where hope is evident and independence is strengthening, is such a gift.

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