Consider the paradigm shifted – Sean from APU


Wait. For the next three months, this is a beach?
In being from Hawaii/LA, I can confidently say that I am in an environment that is uncomfortable. That may sound horrible, but in actuality, it’s fantastic.
I’m on an adventure on the other side of the world. Exactly what I signed up for.
I’m used to seeing the sun on a daily basis, driving everywhere (even if it’s for less than a mile), and actually swimming at the beach. The things that I know, the things that make my life comfortable are beginning to be substituted in my life in Lithuania. The whole process of actually living abroad, as opposed to being on vacation, is really happening. And I like it.
My on-the-go snacks have turned into sit-down home-cooked dinners, my crammed readings have turned into extended library sessions (for the most part), and my random iPhone time-fillers have turned into a cup of Earl Grey, a comfy couch, a window overlooking the frozen pond, and stillness. As much as I love my life back home, the new is something I am so grateful for.
But unfortunately, my fellow LA-ers, your spontaneous desires for Disneyland will never be substituted.

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