Adventures in Lithuania- Jackie from Westmont


It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining. The wind is minimal. The Lithuanians are happy. I am currently licking every last piece of peanut butter off of the spoon in my hand (I couldn’t help it any longer, I gave in and bought peanut butter despite the high price and super salty flavor). My weekend consisted of relaxation and reflection (with a bit of adventure thrown into the mix). Friday night promised laziness and the best cake that we have made since coming to Lithuania (and we’ve made a lot of cakes). We (Tyler and I) made a banana chocolate chunk cake. Perfection. There is no other way to describe this cake.

Saturday brought lots of adventure. We took a group of about 15 kids from the orphanage to Palanga (a small town on the beach). There was a Smelt (fish) Festival happening there. I made a new friend, sadly Ernestas (Potato) did not come to Palanga with us. This new friend only liked me cause I let him play the games on my ipod, but that’s okay i guess. The day started out with some sun but a blizzard quickly decided to squash that beauty. We found a place to sit inside and drink tea (what else would we drink? We’re in Lithuania) and wait out the cold weather. We hopped on a minibus back home and that was the end of the day. I would honestly like to go back sometime in the spring and enjoy the town a little bit more. Between the weather and trying to keep an eye or two on the rambunctious children that we were responsible for I didn’t get to enjoy the trip as much as I would have liked to. But as always, I immensely enjoyed a day with the children from the orphanage.

Sunday has been full of entertaining Vaida (my friend Rachel’s roommate). I think that she is missing Rachel a bunch since she went to Stockholm this weekend. I have enjoyed the time I get to spend with her. She made me breakfast, we had a dance party in the street, and ate cookies with peanut butter while drinking tea (of course). It has been a good day.

Being in Lithuania, at LCC, with Eastern Europeans, continues to help me grow, experience, and learn. There is always something new to be a part of, always something to learn. I love it. I love it. I love it.

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