LCC [International] University – Sean from APU

For the millions of readers out there, I apologize for not blogging more consistently! I (kinda) promise to be more reliable amidst the blissful chaos that is a study abroad’s life.

Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve noticed “international” in the university’s title. Yeah, it’s a pretty big part of this entire experience. In preparing myself for living in Eastern Europe in the months leading up to my departure, I didn’t really process what it would be like to basically be an international student myself or evaluate the substantial impact American culture had/has upon my life.
Being a student at an international university is a journey in itself. Out of my five classes, I am enrolled in Introduction to Theology, taught by a Polish professor (who graduated from an American seminary), and these first weeks have me incredibly excited to analyze and evaluate my faith and its stance in comparison to the world. Lithuania, and the rest of Eastern Europe, have been heavily influenced by the Christian branches of Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism. Big stuff. Seriously.
Classes are more of an international, intercultural, intereverything forum than a traditional lecture-based class. While much the class appears as if they all come from the same place and are part of the same ethnicity, two could be Belarusian, one could be Ukrainian, and the other Moldovan. As you can see, I have so much to learn not just from the teachers, but the students as well. In these coming months, I am anticipating to see how much influence my American-ness has upon my life, in every regard. Stoked.

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