Lithuania, Basketball and EuroBasket 2011

This fall Lithuania will host European Basketball Championship – EuroBasket 2011. This will be the 37th regional championship held by FIBA Europe. It is the second time Lithuania is hosting EuroBasket. The first time was in 1939, since for more than 50 years the country was occupied by the Soviet Union, EuroBasket 2011 is the first European Basketball Championship in Lithuania after the restoration of its independence in 1990.
Lithuania will be a multi-European country this fall: 24 teams will represent 24 countries such as Germany, Israel, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Russia and others.  
Important to notice that basketball is the most popular sport in Lithuania. More than 90% of the nation is interested in this sport as either a basketball player or a fan. Some even joke that basketball is the second religion of Lithuanians. There is more to say. Lithuania is historically one of the most prestigious and successful teams in international competition. Out of the five Olympic tournaments that Lithuania participated in, it won 3 bronze medals. Their most recent victory is the bronze medal in the 2010 FIBA World Championship.
The video shows the importance of basketball for Lithuanians and tells about their victory in 1992 right after gaining independence.
Maybe EuroBasket 2011 will head to another great victory in Lithuania’s basketball history.   

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