Out of the Box – Jackie from Westmont

I’ve been sitting here thinking about boxes for the past few minutes. It’s kind of a weird thing to think about, I know, but you should be used to this by now. 
I have this friend named Megann who is constantly trying to put me in boxes. You may be thinking that I just made a metaphorical statement…but I definitely didn’t. Whenever she sees a slightly large box (which for some reason happens a lot at Westmont) she says “Jackie! See if you can fit in this box and then we will scare (fill in name of “unsuspecting” person here).” The craziest part is, it NEVER works. You can always tell when there is a person in a box…especially if there is a random person just chilling next to the box. Anyways, I now have this annoying problem where I naturally try to get into boxes. Thank you, Megann…

Just so you now that story had nothing to do with Lithuania…

Again thinking of boxes, I was thinking about God and how great he is this week (it’s not that I don’t normally think about how great he is, it just happened to really stick out to me this week). I once read Crazy Love by Francis Chan and in one of the chapters, well really throughout the whole book he talks about how great God is. He talked about how a lot of us live our lives not truly recognizing how great our God is. He used the metaphor that God is the ocean and a lot of us see him as the water that we have in a can that was scooped out of the Ocean. We have a certain view of God and we don’t realize how much we need to expand it. God is not human. We can NEVER grasp all of him. I was talking to my friend Rachel this week over a break we had between classes. We were talking about how a lot of American Christians see God as a loving God, which he is, but at times we forget that he is to be feared. God is so amazing and huge and beyond our imaginations. That fact should pull us to the ground in humility and make us cover our faces in fear. It’s almost selfish to see God as only loving. He deserves to be loved and feared in return. He is so powerful…it’s blowing my mind. (I feel like my mind has been blown a lot since being here.) Don’t put God in a box. Recognize his love AND his power. Recognize that he could have taken you out of existence a long time ago but he chose to keep you there…sitting right where you are…and not only that, he chooses to love you. How crazy is that? That’s some crazy love. =)

Hanging out with friends. 

Now, something that has nothing to do with boxes!!

We are off to Russia in a week!!! YAY!! 

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