No snow on this parade – Sean from APU

March is definitely one of my all-time favorite months—mostly because of my birthday and the coming of Spring.

(Obviously, December wins ’cause of Christmas. And Christmas trumps everything.)
Yet a thing that I am not a fan of is that March is in the middle of the semester, where every professor has unofficially agreed to assign a bajillion mid-terms, projects, and papers within a two-week period.
You might think that this would leave me dead by the end of the month, and you’re right. Except for the fact that I’m in Lithuania.
If you haven’t noticed already, Lithuania is a magical land that is very different from real life. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. Yes, there was so much to do, but I have proudly conquered the notorious “March Death.” Much of this is due to the fact that I’m still adventuring throughout the city, learning about the culture(s), and investing into friendships.
…I also think LCC was fully aware of “March Death,” and knew the perfect solution to prevent it from reaching it’s students: The Parade of Stars.
During this annual contest, students have the opportunity to gather as a country and share its culture with the LCC community. Each team submits an art piece, then conducts a presentation during the event that best represents their country according to whatever theme is given (this year’s theme was “Legends & Tales”). Whichever five teams score the highest in the first two stages, proceed to the final round, in which a representative must answer 10 questions regarding the countries represented. The event is beyond entertaining because of the creativity and humor of fellow students—not to mention that it was educational, and just plain fun.
To kill the suspense, Latvia won. And they definitely deserved it, especially because of their ridiculously awesome presentation, which ended with a rendition of the YouTube video of the wedding entrance to Chris Brown’s Forever.
But the U.S. placed in the top five countries (out of seven), which was pretty exciting if you ask me.
There’s no doubt that our presentation contributed to our “success.” Most of the students and faculty said our’s was in their top three performances of the night. I suggest that you productively spend your time watching us embarrass ourselves in a talented, funny, creative, and educational way. Hopefully we represented your country well! Peace.

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