Explore – Jackie from Westmont

Oh to explore. Downtown Klaipeda is a fun area to walk around in. This past Saturday a few of us went down to the market and spent the afternoon exploring the area.
 Apparently we only went the smaller outside market but there is also a large inside market…more exploring for another day! This smaller market had vegetables in one area, fruit in another area, meat and bread and flowers….it was great! We went to the thrift store, called Humana, near the market and Rachel and I bought lighter coats…cause the sun is shining!!! and the temperature is rising!!!! We ate some Kebabas for lunch. Kebabas are Lithuania’s fast food. They are meat, cabbage, tomatoes, some sort of sauce, and maybe some other stuff, in a wrap or in pita-like bread. They are quite delicious. After that we went souvenir shopping. There were some venders outside selling some beautiful jewelry made from amber. A few people bought some jewelry for loved ones. I will definitely be going back. When we were done with that we went to a very hip coffee shop with crazy furniture and people’s drawings all over the walls. Rachel got this terrible drink that was a raspberry hot drink. It literally tastes like melted Smucker chap stick and that was the consistency as well. But they had good coffee and tea and some ice cream….which makes them great in my book!

For dinner we went to the Pancake dinner that was hosted by the spiritual life team from LCC. It was the closing event of spiritual life week. Pancakes are great. The events this week for spiritual life week were awesome. I really enjoyed going to them. They had a few panels. One talked about Dad’s and how they affect our view of God as father and the other talked about Romantic relationships. I couldn’t go to any of the other ones because I have a night class a few days a week, but the ones I went to were very well done. I liked the panels because it’s always good to hear real stories about how other people are dealing with different aspects of life. It helps you get different perspectives and hear about how other people are learning and growing in their lives, which in turn helps you grow and learn!

I’m still loving it here but I am really ready to be done with school. I want to explore Klaipeda so much more! I am going to go outside now, where the sun is in fact shining and the wind (of course) is blowing. =)

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