Life at LCC – Josh from Messiah

There are plenty of opportunities for involvement with student life at LCC, and I’ve tried to make the most of all of them. I really value all the opportunities for involvement and service that exist on college campuses, and so I was looking forward to what I could learn about LCC’s community by participating in its student life. So when I arrived at LCC, I resolved to to be open to every opportunity that came my way. And I don’t regret that at all.

At my home institution (Messiah College) I’ve always been involved with College Ministries, specifically with the Chapel worship teams. When I came to LCC, I heard they were looking for some help with the chapel band so I offered to help out. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to lead on a number of occasions, and it’s been great. I’ve been privileged to lead people in worship in many  places, but worshiping with fellow believers in the LCC community has been such a great experience. Contrary to chapel at my school, chapel is not mandatory here, so the dedication and passion among the people who gather every Wednesday is that much more evident.

I’ve learned a lot at LCC, but from that experience specifically I’ve learned some important things. I’ve been exposed to many ideas that have challenged and supported my convictions, but all of them have helped to strengthen my faith in God. It’s been a period of real growth as I’ve wrestled with different ideas, had many insightful conversations, and sought God more personally in a new and foreign place. But through it all, I’m encouraged each week as I gather with fellow believers to worship God — the same God they worship back home, the same God I’ve encountered throughout my life, and the same God who has been active through all of history in all parts of the world.

I’ve also participated in different LCC events. I was part of a team for the KVN comedy show in January, which was a hilarious learning experience to be sure. I also played guitar and sang with Ukrainian student Angelina Kovalyova at a little coffeehouse show at Kubu Cafe, which was another familiar activity for me but in a whole new part of the world.

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