Western Europe? – Sean from APU

After being in Lithuania for three months (which is crazy to think about), it has been quite an adventure discovering Europe and the immensity of its history and the diversity of its cultures. Seriously.

The term “Eastern Europe” is one of the easiest ways to describe the environment I am surrounded by, but it’s kind of a cop-out phrase. Geographically, Eastern Europe contains so much that it is a bit of an insult to group all these countries together. Even though there may be a noticeable similarity between them, it has been nothing short of incredible being able to experience what this area of the globe has to offer.
…Which brings me to the next part of my blog: Brussels. It’s more or less considered the center/heart of Europe, considering it acts as the center for all the European Union institutions and serves as the headquarters for NATO. Nevertheless, getting a glimpse into everything “Western Europe” was the best mid-week trip of my entire life. No exaggerations here.
To keep this short, here’s a few things that I loved about the two-ish days (Tuesday-Thursday) Alyssa, Allison, and I spent in Belgium.

  • Seeing green grass everywhere in 70-degree weather.
  • Napping in direct sunlight in the park.
  • Belgian waffles, chocolate, and fries. Obviously. (I may or may not have eaten five waffles within a 24-hour period. Judge away.)
  • Exploring the city via Metro excursions.
  • Seeing Adele for my first concert. (I’m kinda obsessed with her.)
  • Staying in a hostel right next to a Godiva chocolate factory.
  • Standing in awe of how beautiful all the buildings/structures were.
  • Independently exploring a foreign country! Holla.

And here’s a long string of pictures!

Adele performing at the Cirque Royal

Fries! (aka “frites”)

Brussels’ Arc de Triomphe

St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral

The European Union Parliament building

Alyssa, Allison, and I at the Grand Place

Belgian waffles

Grand Place at night

The Atomium at night

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