Chances – Jackie from Westmont

I was surprised to recently discover that according to the French, Lithuania is the center of Europe. This is very convenient for people who want to travel after their semester at LCC. My friend Rachel and I are going to be traveling through Europe for a whole month (!!!) after the semester is over (in a week). We are beyond excited!! For me it will be the perfect next step. I am not ready to go home yet, but the time spent traveling will prepare to go back to a real home with family, (good) food, and friends. Right now though I am excited to explore Europe!! Our first stop is Stockholm, Sweden. Rachel has already been there so she can show me around. I heard it’s beautiful there. Next we will go to Budapest, Hungary. We are excited to go to a Turkish bath there! After that we are going to explore the Black Forest in Southern Germany. We will see the beautiful nature and the amazing castles there! Dublin, Ireland is next on the list, where we will hopefully get to see the oldest manuscript of the Bible. Then we head back to Paris, France to see the Eiffel Tower. From there we take the Eurostar (the train that goes underground) to London. We will explore in London, England for awhile and then we fly home from there. Me, back to California and Rachel, back to Michigan.

It will be such a great opportunity to see more of Europe and learn about more cultures (though not as extensively as about Lithuania).

The end of the semester is here. I am loving the last few days here in Klaipeda, Lithuania! I am loving spending time with the beautiful people that I have met! They will always be a part of me! My time here will always be a part of me as well. This has been an amazing semester full of growth and learning! Blessings to all of you and thanks for reading about LCC on the blog!!

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