Mission Sea: Accomplished – Diana from Cornerstone

Today we got lost on the way to church. My roommate thought she knew  a shortcut through the woods. I wasn’t feeling very well, so I easily could have been upset about it, but I realized how beautiful the sun was streaming through the trees — you know, that way it does in pine forests. It was so beautiful, and the the feeling of soft grass under my feet. I only wish I had taken off my shoes. Which I should have, because my shoes ended up getting so wet from the dew. Dew is always nicer on bare feet than in cloth boots in a cold church building.

Anyway, after church, we went to the Sea and hopped it. Wow, it was cold! So, that was a short swim. Rarely am I the kind of person who settles for not getting your hair wet, but I would probably be lying in bed wrapped up in a thousand blankets and sniffling up a storm while sipping my 30th cup of tea by now if we had gone all the way. 
Then we changed, picked some wildflowers, put them in my boots and walked home. It made me anxious for my boots to become too old and rugged to be worn so I could turn them into pots for plants. 
Basically, today made me so grateful for the way my life is here. My roommate is a beautiful person who is willing and excited to do the silly and crazy things that most people say, oh that would be nice. They’re the things I long to do with people, but most people say no. It made me grateful for how much we walk here. I’m dreading going back to school when everyone will drive to the grocery store, and I will suggest walking, and they will laugh. I have found that Saturdays are kind of my designated homesick days, where I do everything I can to ignore it, and then Sundays are my confirmation days, telling me, you belong here! This is the best place to be, and you will not be the same when you leave!

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