LCC celebrates its 20th anniversary

Last week LCC International University was celebrating its 20th birthday.  The anniversary festivities included a variety of events throughout the week, starting on Wednesday afternoon with a special Celebratory Chapel focusing on the memories of the last 20 years. The following days brought even more sharing, excitement and community involvement. On Friday, the campus together with the mayor of Klaipeda dedicated the new (and second) campus student residence hall, Enns Hall (or Enns Namai in Lithuanian).  With the completion of Enns Hall, all LCC students now live on campus.  Another highlight of Friday was a parade of LCC community members who marched with the flag of their home country through the city to one of the main city squares and an International Fair organized by LCC. Every country had a display table with pictures, traditional food and some elements that represented their country.  The Study Abroad students had their booth as well with tons of literature about the US, which was supplied by the US Embassy.  The event was crowned with a beautiful concert put together by the national minorities residing in Klaipeda (Russians, Tartars, Germans, Ukrainians) and the LCC students who shared their cultures through song and dance.  The Study Abroad students shared their culture through leading the crowd in a square dance.  It was a great time to be a part of the LCC community to celebrate 20 years of beautiful history and to share our cultural diversity beyond the campus borders.

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