Cycling in Tallin – Diana from Cornerstone

Cycling on cobblestone is an experience. If you like unrestrained and unpredictable bumping around, you’ve gotta try it! But besides the instability, I had the most memorable bike ride with my friends in Tallin, Estonia this weekend. We attempted to find the singing grounds where there is an anual music festival, and was the site of Estonia’s “Singing Revolution.” We didn’t even make it that far, though, because there was a beautiful park on the way.

I think we went to a total of seven cafes between Tallin and Riga, Latvia. One thing I love about Europe in general is the number of independant coffee shops. At home, we’ve got Starbucks, Caribou, and Mc Cafe. There are really only a smattering of unique non-chain cafes. Here, I’ve seen one chain in my city, and only one other chain in Riga. Chains are far outweighed by unique, comfortable, artistic, independant cafes. And in Tallin and Riga, we just had to try them all 🙂

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