A Little About This Place in the eyes of Hannah from Gordon

Linked to the title “LCC” are the words “International” and “University”
The latter for reasons I don’t need to explain.
However, did you know that as an international school,
LCC’s student body includes 600 students from over 20 different countries?
Pretty incredible, right?
All of the classes are taught in English however,
(Thank goodness for me) meaning that each student (besides the SAS and any North American students)
speaks at least two languages.
I use “at least,” because most speak three or four.
Walk down the halls of DeFehr,
or into a kitchen in either dorm and you’ll hear Lithuanian, Ukranian, Russian, and maybe some English.
It’s incredible, really.
Such a diverse crowd makes for a bright community, wouldn’t you say?

Another interesting fact:
LCC is celebrating her 20th anniversary this year.
In light of this celebration, the school hosted an international fair in the city.
There, students set up booths with information, candy, and pictures from their home countries,
and some countries were even represented through song and dance.
USA students led the crowd in a rousing routine dance known as “Cotton Eyed Joe”
and so many people participated! It was great!

To conclude the fair, a professional Lithuanian song and dance group
played traditional folk songs and taught us traditional dances to go along with them!
Here’s a bit one of my professors caught on his cellphone:

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