Visiting Stockholm – Paige from APU

This weekend I was in Stockholm! I went with 4 other girls, Amanda, Diana, Aurelija, and Angela. I decided to go to Stockholm because my family is Swedish, but also because the plane ticket was only about $16.

Once we got to Stockholm we realized it was one of the most expensive cities in Europe. Nonetheless we still had an amazing time. Amanda, Angela, and I spent the majority of our time in old town. There is just something about the old part of town that is simply majestic. We met some really pleasant locals and had some really wonderful conversations with them. Stockholm had some amazing food, so we ate extremely well while we were there. Greek food, mexican food, enchanting little cafe’s, we pretty much ate our way through Stockholm. My favorite was when we all shared a plate of Swedish meatballs – yum! We got lost walking around quite a few times, but I truly think that is the fun in traveling. While you’re lost make a joke of it, laugh at yourselves, that is the stuff memories are made of.

Being there I learned a lot about myself, my traveling comforts, and the people around me. It is interesting to travel with people you barely know, you truly get to know them for better and for worse while you’re in another country together. Overall the trip was a wonderful success, and I say whenever the opportunity prevails – Go to Stockholm!! The people are pleasant, the city is enchanting, and you will never want to leave. I can’t wait to share that experience with my family someday.

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