Falling in Love with Riga – Anders from Bethel

So, what’s great about this whole studying abroad business, and just being in the Baltic countries in general, is that there is no shortage of beauty to be found.  Seriously.
A couple of friends and I headed up to Riga, Latvia this weekend (a mere four to five hour bus ride away) to see Tchaikovsky’s ballet, The Sleeping Beauty.  As you may have seen from my previous post, I am in love with Tchaikovsky, but that is not what I’m going to focus on here.
We arrived in Riga and settled into our hostel a bit before heading out to see the city.  It was a rather rainy and dreary day, which would probably seem like it put a damper on our spirits, but the opposite was true.  As if by some divine intervention, the fall colors seemed like they were magnified by the subtleness of the cloudy light.  We walked around the many (MANY) parks of Riga, and I was consistently astounded by the beauty of nature to be found all around us.  And we certainly weren’t the only ones out enjoying the colors.  The native Latvians clearly understand what a true treasure they have in the nature around them, and they were out gazing at it just as we were.
Fall is my favorite season back home in Minnesota, and we have beautiful fall colors that would seem to be unrivaled.  After experiencing the beauty of a magnificent Baltic fall, I may have to rethink Minnesota’s placement in the hierarchy of my autumnal beauty list…

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