Talent Night – Diana from Cornerstone

A few weeks ago, there were signs up around campus advertising the need for people to participate in the talent show. I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE talent shows. I love to watch them to see the unique things that people can do, or the cool ways that people come up with to perform songs. I also enjoy being in them. So I asked my friend Hannah, plays the Ukelele really well, and sings even better, if she would sing a song with me. So we signed up.
It was such a fun thing to practice with Hannah. We got together a few times to put our song together, and we would find ourselves talking about so many other things as well. I learned a lot from her laid back personality and fun-loving laughter. She even taught me a song she wrote, and we would sing it together. It was SO much fun.
So, last night, Talent Night came along, and we performed our song by Sufjan Stevens. We had fun singing, and watching all the other acts as well! Though all the acts were musical, they were still really diverse. It was cool to see so many fearless performers up on stage. When it came to the end of the show, they were telling the winners, they announced third place, and the winners came up and were presented with… PIZZA! I looked at Hannah. Hannah looked at me. All of a sudden, we wanted to win! Up until that point, I didn’t even know it was a competition. And then a competitive spirit rose up inside of me! And guess what — we got second place! when they announced it, Hannah and I jumped up and RAN onstage, waiting to get off again with the pizza so we could whip it open. And we did. We had a piece then and there, then took  the rest back to her lounge and we got to share our victory with our pizza-loving friends.

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