Movies in the Beatles – Kim from Messiah

There is nothing like getting a group of friends together and going to the movies! This past weekend a group of us went to go see The Adventures of Tin Tin, an animated film about a boy, his dog and a ship. At least i think? See we expected the film to be either in Lithuanian with English subtitles or English with Lithuanian subtitles. Well, we quickly realize that is not the case for animated movies. We paid good litas for this film so we sat through 107 minutes of action packed Lithuanian fun! Although my Lithuanian class could not have prepared me for this and all I got out of the film was that I wanted Tin Tin’s dog, I enjoyed every minute of it! And to finish our night off, we were given a free concert by “the Klaipeda man”. When traveling on the city buses, you meet some interesting people but none have ever sung to me. I will never be able to listen to the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine without smiling, thinking of the old man who serenaded 7 students with a Beatles song.  Just goes to show that even as the end of the semester is near there is still so much to see and experience.

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