On the Emerald Isle – Anders from Bethel

It was definitely a strange feeling to hear the English language spoken upon arriving in the Dublin airport.  While it has been fine adjusting to the language barrier here in Lithuania, it was definitely a refreshing change.  And let’s not forget just how soothing that charming Irish accent can be.
Other than that, Ireland was warmer than our Baltic home, and that was a rather welcome change of pace too.  We wasted no time upon arriving and quickly dropped stuff in our hostel room to go out and explore.  First on the list was to get some food in our bellies.
We walked around the famous Temple Bar area for a while, but our fortunes led us to a little place called Harry Lemon’s before we knew it.  This place offered us the best first night experience that we had ever had. Not only were we able to satisfy our hunger, but we were able to talk to one of the owners of the place.  He convinced us to try his family recipe of Irish Coddle (a sort of stew), and some fresh baked brown bread.  It was tasty beyond what words can express.  
After a few more days of exploring Dublin, we ventured out to the West coast of Ireland, which is far more traditional and rural.  It was great to get out of the city, even though Dublin has a very quaint feel to it.  I was floored by the wonderful green expanse that stretched out before us.  We took a day trip to a family’s farm just outside Galway in some foothills known as The Burren.  There was an absolutely astounding bleak beauty about the place.
As if that wasn’t enough, we then were taken to the magnificent Cliffs of Moher.  At more than 600 feet above the ocean below, it was quite a sight to see (especially when you walked right up to the edge).  We were blessed with beautiful weather that we were told was quite a rarity.  Either way, being out and seeing the sights of this wonderful place warmed my heart.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself venturing back to the beautiful Emerald Isle in the future.

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