Thanksgiving in Lithuania – Diana from Cornerstone

 Last night, around 10, Natalie, Kate and I started making pies. Pumpkin pie and apple pie. I had never made pie before, and I didn’t believe I could do it – it seemed so advanced! But my English professor had given me an Apple Pie recipie JUST the day before, and it was so simple. I even made a lattice for the top!
Then today, after class I took at 10 am, I took a quick nap to gather up energy for the rest of the day, as I made dough from scratch to make cresant rolls, and then I made corn, did laundry, at it was time for dinner. But I wasn’t the only one in the kitchen when I was making dough! The other study abroads were quite busy. Jared had bought a turkey, a duck, and a chicken for their dinner of about 30 people. We had a turkey for a smaller group of us who wanted to share with our roomates who had never had Thanksgiving before.
Finally, we brought together our mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, rolls, corn, beans, gravy, pies, ice cream and all. Without our families around, the food seemed extra meaningful as we went around and had the Americans share our family traditions for the holiday, and each shared something we were grateful for. I think it was the first Thanksgiving away from home for a few of us, including me, so it was quite surreal to see my family on skype all together and being so far away. But it was such a unique experience to be able to share something unique to our American culture with these friends whose culture we’ve been sharing in for the past three and a half months.

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