Beach, ICF, Ice Cream and Potter Therapy – Shelby from Eastern

FALL 2011

Finals week. Most awful week of the year. Not only because of all the stupid exams, but because it’s my last 5 days in Lithuania.  I find myself trying to stay busy and doing everything except study and pack.
Yesterday, a friend and I took a trip to the beach to look for sea glass. The waves were crazy and it was a really windy day.

It was the first day that the sun had been up in a while.  There was no snow, hail, or rain either! It was beautiful.

Some graffiti on the wall which was the walkways to the beach
All my sea glass

Later that day, we went to our last ICF service where they even had a goodbye meal for the Study Abroads and a few other people that were leaving.

Poor scrambled smiley that I always see on the way back from church
After church, some friends and I stopped at the store to buy some ice cream (it comes in tubes here) and we went back to my room to watch the first Harry Potter movie, eat ice cream, and NOT study.  It was a great night.
My friend Iulia went to Palanga and found this amber Hedgehog and got it for me! LOVE it.

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