On classes and.. food – Vinny from Westmont

Labas! If you’re confused as to what I just said–you should be. It’s Lithuanian! I had my first week of classes at LCC International University. I am officially a student at LCC. I am taking Political Economy, Introductory Lithuanian, Human Development (psychology), Moral Philosophy, and a Business Finance class. I really lucked out on my classes and I am enjoying every minute of it.
Learning to pronounce American names in Lithuanian class. Photo by Kelli
It has been a very full week. All of the students are back on campus, and there are a lot of people to meet. There are so many different languages being spoken at all times, it’s great. I have met people from Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Nigeria, and so many more. Definitely ain’t in California no mo’. The mixture of cultures has been an awesome experience so far, and it has been really exciting hearing about such diverse backgrounds, customs, values, traditions, and most importantly…FOOD.
Sushi time with LCC students. Photo by Jenica 

The food here is amazing. While I have to admit that I have become a pretty creative cook here, the food that has been cooked for me has been even better. Tonight for dinner, some friends and I made a traditional Lithuanian meal (a meal that I plan to make for everyone when I return to the states). Potato pancakes with meat. Mmmmmm. Potato pancakes are very common here, and they are delicious.
Kepta duona! Photo by Kelli
Another Lithuanian food item we have been eating a lot of is something called kepta duona. It is dark, fried bread, covered in a mixture of mayonnaise, cheese, garlic, and other yummy goodness. It is so rich, but it is so delicious. I will be making that once I am home as well, so no worries there. The good food does not stop there. I love Starbucks. So you can imagine how heartbroken I was when I found out that there are NO Starbucks in Lithuania (I wanted to study abroad here that badly). Luckily, I have found my saving grace. There is a coffee place here called Max Coffee that is delicious, making drinks like a cookie latte, blueberry latte, and everything in between. I was a happy camper. The best part? A big latte is the equivalent of $3. Jesus is looking out for me.
Blueberry latte. Photo by Vinny

I have really enjoyed getting to know other people and learning about different cultures. Being at an international university like LCC, there are so many unique stories to learn about. A lot of you may have been thinking (and many have asked) why Lithuania? After a short week here, I have so many answers to that single question. In one short week, I have learned so much about other cultures, eaten so much great food, enjoyed great company and fellowship, taken in everything Lithuania and Eastern Europe, and personally challenged in more ways that I could have expected. God is so good, and I am blessed to be on this adventure that He has shown me. It was a bit of risk to come somewhere like Lithuania (the popular question: why aren’t you going to Italy?!), but so far it has been the best decision I could have made. God is pretty sneaky, and is showing me a great hidden treasure. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.


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