Paris!!! – Erick from APU

Sight-seeing. Photos by Erick

I think my mind is still processing everything that has happened these two days… Between traveling hours long on buses from school to the airport, from the airport to Pairs and back again i’m exhausted, but so blessed that the Lord would give me the opportunity to experience this amazing city/culture. And the Lord was definitely watching over me and my friends as we traveled. I saw so many things in such a short amount of time, and some of these things/places I have only read about in books up till now. I feel like pictures just don’t do these places justice, they may look amazing, but they’re so much more than that in person! The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Musee du Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, friggin amazing! Super stoked to have seen them all, … Probably the most tiring 24 hours of my life, considering we saw all of this in the matter of 6 hours. But it was so worth it.

City. Photos by Erick

So, let’s start at the beginning. Kinda… We arrived in Paris around 5pm Thursday night and thought we could handle reading a map and getting to our hostel by foot. We were wrong and ended up getting lost and having to ask for directions, luckily French people are really nice when you’re willing to speak their language, and it also doesn’t hurt to have some French heritage roots, I had several people approach me and start talking to me in French thinking I was fluent in it, and when I told them I didn’t speak French, they insisted that I did… Anyways, the directions that we were given were really confusing so we ended up taking a taxi.We stayed in a hostel along the canal called St. Christopher’s Inn. Super cool place, they don’t cater to people over the age of 30 I think, so the place was filled with a bunch of college age students, people from all over, Japan, Spain, UK, you name it, they were there. Roomed with a guy from Spain and another from Japan, super cool people, or rather really interesting people… Besides that the surrounding area was really beautiful, so we went for a walk around and got a baguette and pastries. There were people walking around the streets everywhere with a baguette in hand, no joke. I love Paris.

Transportation. Photos by Erick

What I noticed is that most people either drove scooters or smart cars, typical Paris. But obviously we didn’t have a scooter nor a smart car, so we couldn’t hop on with that trend, so Thursday night after arriving at our hostel we figured out the Metro system so we could get to all our destinations super fast. It was a one and half hour walk from our hostel to the Eiffel Tower, but with the Metro it literally took us like 10 minutes! and it got us to the rest of our destinations in no time at all. The Metro was a life saver, super easy and cheap to use. Only down side to it though is that you have to watch out for pick pockets, I learned the hard way and got my iPhone stollen by a hobo. But at least it wasn’t my passport or my wallet, and I mean now I can say I got pick pocketed in Paris! No big deal….

The Louvre. Photos by Erick

After the Tower we went to the Louvre museum, there is not enough time in a week to fully see and appreciate every piece of art in that place, it was breath taking and really overwhelming. There were so many pieces of art in that place that I had previously only dreamed of seeing, and had only read about in books and other places. Like who the heck gets to see this stuff!? There were so many kids there on field trips, and art students just sketching away at these amazing pieces of art like it’s no big deal. I NEED to go back, there were seriously what seemed like endless galleries of priceless paintings done by every famous artist in the world. I can’t even……The one statute that I was really excited to see was Venus de Milo. Who the heck gets to see that!!??? AHH! Super blessed.

Mona Lisa. Photo by Erick

Now the Mona Lisa people…. This is not such a great picture considering they don’t let you get that close to it, but my favorite thing about it is that you can see the reflection of all the people in the glass looking at it in awe….All I have to say is that I have dreamed about seeing this painting my entire life, and yesterday I saw it!!! I don’t care what people say about the painting being overrated, or that it’s so small, or that it’s not that great or whatever. Cause I mean who the heck are you to judge this priceless piece of art!? Leonardo Da Vinci is a genius and God bless his soul for giving us beautiful works of art like this.

Delicious pastries. Photos by Erick

Speaking of beautiful things, French people know how to do food, yeah baguettes are good but they do pastries like no other!! I think there was a pastry shop on just about every corner. I did try some duck for the first time and that was amazing. But i’ll stop talking so you can just enjoy these pictures.

Lindsay and Erick taking a break in Louvre. Photo by Alicia

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