Blind Date – Lindsay from Taylor

One of the many great things about studying abroad at LCC is the numerous opportunities to get involved on campus. Students and staff are all so welcoming and intentionally provide events and activities for all students to enjoy. One such event during this season of love is the Blind Date. I had the pleasure of participating in this event myself.

To be honest, I had no intentions of signing up. I knew little of what the event entailed, but the words “blind date” put together didn’t exactly tickle my fancy. Nevertheless, when Levi asked me to sign up, I said yes. Why? Who knows?

Garlands. Photo by Vaiva P.

So there I am, in a room full of roughly 200 LCC students, preparing to make a fool of myself. To lay it out for you, the Blind Date event is strikingly similar to those dating game shows we used to watch as kids (do they still have them?). There were four rounds, two with a bachelor and two with a bachelorette, and three contestants on the other side of the curtain. I was among the three whose responsibility was to answer the bachelor’s questions, in a funny accent to disguise our voices no less. The question portion ended with me singing “Don’t Stop Believing” in a nerdy voice. So, there went all my dignity.

Students voting. Photo by Vaiva P.

Ultimately, I was chosen by our bachelor to continue in the competition between four couples. We had to dance, do voice overs for a popular teen movie, and answer questions about our partner. Kirill, my partner, and I ended up winning each competition. We won a gift certificate to a lovely restaurant in town (I just got back from my date in fact!)

Other participants. Photo by Vaiva P.

Obviously, participating in this event was wildly outside of my comfort zone. But I suppose that wasn’t part of the plan in coming to Lithuania. Not once did I think to myself “Oh, this will be easy and completely comfortable and natural.” Of course not. Each of us had come to this country with the expectation that we will be challenged and stretched. This wasn’t exactly how I had planned to step out of my comfort zone. But I’ll tell you what, I had so much fun. I can’t dance. I certainly can’t sing. But I got to make new friends, eat some delicious food, and hopefully entertain the majority of the campus for a couple of hours.

Lindsay and Kirill. Photo by Ira V.

Above is an image of Kirill and I during the last round of the competition. One partner was asked a question and had to choose one of two possible answers (for instance, does it take you 15 or 1 hour to get ready in the morning) and the partner has to, hopefully, guess the same answer. Clearly, one of us was wrong in this image…

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