Feeling Blessed – Alicia from IWU

So today it was super sunny and warm out (a whopping 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit!) so on my short walk home [yes, a 25 minute walk is very close]. I just observed all of the beauty around me…and then it just hit me. I just love it here. Sometimes it gets hard to be in such a foreign context…..but really it is truly amazing. I love the cobble stone streets. I love the old buildings. I love learning Lithuanian, Russian, German, and Ukrainian. I love teaching English 3-6 times a week. I love teaching Spanish lessons. I love grading my friends’ papers. I love hearing 12 different languages all of the time and not understanding a word. I love the sea. I love the community. I love my friends. I love the lessons I have been learning. I love deep conversations. I love living in Europe. I love being in a culture that most people in the States don’t know much about. I love the rich history here. I love the perspective of faith. I love the old buildings. I love the food. I love the cheap coffee. I love grocery shopping. I love feeling independent. I love feeling vulnerable not knowing the language. I love hopping on a bus and seeing new parts of the city. I love trying crazy “weird” food. I love knowing that people are people no matter where you are. I love that I get to go to Paris for the weekend like it’s no big deal. I love the seaside. I love the way that God has provided for me to be here. I love the ways that my perspectives have changed. I love my secret locations that I can have introvert time in. I love having mixed dorms/ halls. I love pineapple tea. I love cafes. I love being changed. I love being blessed. I love Lithuania.

Alicia’s Ukrainian roommate and Alicia. Photo by Angelina Kovalyova

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