Figuring it out – Hannah from Eastern

Labas from Lithuania! It has been one long, intensive week in this beautiful country, and I’m loving every minute of it. Now before I give all the scandalous details of my new and exciting life, let’s get some facts all figure out. Firstly, where the heck is Lithuania? Well, here you go:    

That little pink shape under Latvia, and beside Belarus? My home sweet foreign country. Occupied by the USSR until 1991, Lithuania is a “young” country, according it’s proud citizens. Yeah, tell that to the ancient buildings, and cobblestone streets scattered beautifully around the city. Klaipeda, where I will be studying for the next four months, is a magnificent city resting on the Baltic Sea. A cool breeze has been constant since my arrival, and scarves are all the fashion to beat the chill. There is not one place you will look, and not see beauty. While culture shock is sure to set in, Klaipeda and I are still living in our honeymoon stage. But, you never really know someone until you live with them…

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