Taco Tuesdays in Enns 4th – Lizzy from Cornerstone

I wasn’t planning on writing another story for awhile, or at least until I had traveled a little
more. However a fun turn of events has inspired me to tell you about my night!
Photo by Lizzy

I live in Enns dorm at LCC International University. I live on the fourth floor. I am one of two (North) Americans living on this floor and since we are both from California and LOVE Mexican food we decided to make tacos for our entire hall! We decided to have Taco Tuesday in honor of our love for spicy food, and we invited all to join that lived on the floor. We went shopping down the road at Iki for our ‘foreign’ ingredients and came back in time to start cooking.

We wanted this experience to be as authentic as possible (as authentic as two white girls can make tacos), and so we decided to get creative and  make our own tortillas from scratch and work our way from there. We had everything a good taco needs: guacamole, sour cream, freshly grated cheese, salsa, lettuce, and meat (or rather what we think is ground turkey meat?). We started chopping and slicing, and several people from our hall (consisting of various nationalities) even joined in our preparation for Taco night!

It was truly an amazing experience and my friend and I had so much fun bonding with each other, but more importantly we got to hang out with the people we are living with and got to talk to so many different people and make new friends! I love it when food brings together so many different people, from so many walks of life. I can’t even tell you how many times I couldn’t stop laughing tonight and just enjoying being around these people and making tacos together!

There is so much more I could say, like how nobody really understood why we would make our own tortillas and not just buy them. Yet they were all still so fascinated and wanted to learn how to make their own!! Next time we will do a tutorial as we cook! I had my wonderful dough roller, who helped me make the tortillas just right. And my friend had her helpers making salsa and cheese! The only sad part about this whole operation is that we ran out of food before everyone got a chance to eat a taco! Next time we will have to make extra, or let people who did not get any go first!

Although one of my new friends from the Netherlands decided that he would make his own taco since he came too late for the party. And that is exactly what he did! We were amazed at how intent he was on having one. 🙂

I am just glad that everyone was able to come and enjoy some good food that they are not used too and that I was able to be a part of it!
This is going to be a good semester!
Enns 4th floor is the place to be at LCC, just ask anyone…but seriously.

God is Good. Peace.

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