My Culture – Missy from Eastern

Every day I discover little differences and surprising similarities about Eastern European culture. Today, I learned even more about the difference in common foods. I was very lucky to get a care package from my church a few days ago; along with a host of useful things, they included some homemade cookies! I shared them with my roommates and they asked  me what each kind was called–chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar–they had never tried or heard of these! Brownies are also apparently a uniquely American treat. SO, if you didn’t think we had culture–we do. 

All my life, I have wished that I had some sort of unique or interesting heritage to celebrate; in a culture that embraces diversity, being a plain white-bread WASP in America has never seemed all that exciting. Most people think they have grown up in the most normal place in the world–and before I came to Eastern Europe, I felt this way about my home. Being here has made me realize that I do have valuable and interesting cultural traditions (as well as some cultural characteristics that are not that admirable…more on this later).  

Photo taken from HERE

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