Learning Humility – Missy from Eastern

In Study Abroad Seminar, we took a survey: “75 long-term outcomes of an international experience.” This helped me to think about the ways that I have changed, things that I have learned–and also what I have not learned from my time here.

Something valuable I have learned is to ask for help/favors from other people. In the past, I have been too proud to ask others for help; I get a sense of satisfaction from being self-sufficient and “having it together.” I hate to be a burden to others. Coming here with only a forty-two pound suitcase, I have needed a lot of things that it is just impractical to buy (i.e. cookware, hairdryer, large bookbag, etc.). Also, being a foreigner, there have been many situations in which I’ve needed directions, social etiquette cues, and translation. I am grateful that I have gracious roommates and friends who have really been an example to me of generous, cheerful givers. “Ask and you shall receive”–sometimes God’s provision is there for the taking, we just have to be bold enough–or humble enough–to ask. Now that I have been a recipient of such generosity, I am learning to be more giving to others.

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