Easter Travels

In London. Photo by Anna

Happy Easter!

This Easter Study Abroad Lithuania students scattered all over Lithuania and Europeto experience the spirit of Easter.
Here are some of their insights about Easter and destinations where they went.

Ashlee and Anna from Taylorwent for Easter to London, England.
Ashlee on Easter ” I experienced the Sung Eucharist service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England. While Easter may be celebrated differently in every country and language, the world can’t help but recognize the promise of new life and new beginnings.”

A large group of students went to visit Warsaw, Auschwitz and Krakow in Poland. One of them was Justine from Azusa Pacific University.
Justine about her Easter experience: “I spent Easter in Krakow, Polandwith some study abroad students. It was a great weekend to travel there because of the Easter celebrations. On Sunday morning we went to Mass at St. Mary’s Cathedral in the city center, although “Easter Saturday” is the bigger day for celebrations in Poland. It was nice to honor another tradition and experience something unfamiliar to us, I really enjoyed observing the traditions. On Saturday many masses go on and many people are walking around the city with baskets of eggs, bread, and sweets getting them blessed by the church.”

Samantha from Azusa Pacific University and Taylor from Bethel University were in Dublin, Ireland.
Samantha about Easter and time in Dublin: “Taylor and I traveled to Dublin, Ireland for the long weekend. While we were there, we really wanted to be able to go to church on Easter Sunday but weren’t sure if we would be able to. We ended up being able to attended an Easter service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin. We were able to take communion with the rest of the congregation and the service was wonderful.”

And some students stayed in Lithuania…

In Ireland. Photo by Taylor

Daniel from Taylor spend his Easter in Palanga, Lithuania.
Daniel about his experience in Palanga ” I went to Palanga, walked to the beach, drank coffee, and found a good local Russian restaurant.”

Samantha from Eastern stayed in Klaipėda “While a lot of the other study abroad kids traveled over Easter, I stayed on campus. I took advantage of the long weekend to enjoy quiet dorms, a girls night and lots of movies! It was a great way to relax and reflect on all the great stuff that’s been going on this semester!”

Jessica from Cedarville University went to another city, Šiauliai, to spend Easter with her roommate’s family.

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