Being Present – Samantha from Eastern

I am continuously shocked by how quickly time passes. I only have a month of classes left, a week of finals and then I leave Lithuania for my own personal travels in France and Germany. I can pretty much see home at this point.

It’s been increasingly harder to keep up with friendships at home. At first, I would do anything to find time to skype with friends (I still do that for skyping with my mom…) because I wanted to share everything with them. Then homesickness hit me pretty hard so I wanted to talk to them a lot. Now, I make plans to talk but often forget because I’m so caught up in the daily life here. Campus has a lot of stuff going on and I’ve made so many other friends. I know that in a few short weeks, I’ll see my friends from home and things will be okay/we’ll catch up. My focus right now is being present here.

Enjoying brunch. Photo by Kristen

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