Bucket List – Lizz from Messiah

Upon my decision to study abroad in Lithuania, I desired to soak up all that it had to offer. I wanted to make a wish in Cathedral Square in Vilnius, I wanted to taste the potato pancakes (and potato everything, for that matter), I wanted to see the Baltic Sea and sit on the large sand dunes in Klaipeda, I wanted to dance to the karaoke songs filling Memelis Bar, I wanted to do it all. A lot of these have been ‘checked-off’ the bucket list. However, still a few stragglers have escaped my time the past three and a half months, including those majestic sand dunes!

However, as I was challenged to physically write out a bucket list for the last week or two, I found that my aspirations switched from objective to relational. The thing I have found to be most important in Lithuania is the beautiful people that reside here. It is the relationships that are built here that must be cherished the most, because no sand dune will ever imprint upon your heart the way a lifelong friend can.

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