My semester in photos: go to traditional events – Travis from Waynesburg (Part 1)

I was asked to pick my ten favorite photos from the semester and write something that explains the photo or why I picked it. With over eight thousand photos from only four months, the task was hard, but I narrowed it down. While these ten photos might not be my ten personal favorites, they all represent an important moment in my time overseas.

Photo: Anna Goeglein eating a potato pancake at the Stinta Fish Festival in Palanga, Lithuania.

Keywords: Friends, Fish Festival, Tradition, Potato Pancake

Lesson: Go to traditional events!

In the first month in Lithuania a neighboring town to the north, a thirty minute bus ride, holds a weekend annual fish festival. The festival is home to arts and crafts venders and is situated in the coastal beach town of Palanga. Pictured however is the best part, the traditional Eastern European food. The potato is much more than a staple food here in this region, and in so there are many different forms it may take. The potato pancake is easily a godsend as it can be stuffed with meat, vegetables, fruits, – you name it. I loved it so much the first time I went that I went back two more times as it became a nice little get-a-way.

More photos to follow!

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