My semester in photos: befriend locals – Travis from Waynesburg (Part 8)

CMAP students and study abroad students at the beach in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Keywords: Friends, CMAP, Explore

Lesson: Befriend locals.

When coming to LCC the program encourages you to take opportunities with the school whether that be an internship, editing papers, helping with chapel band, or one of the many other options. As an education major I decided it would be beneficial for me both to help tech English to third and fourth grade students, as well as become part of a program called CMAP (Community Multicultural Awareness Program). The program is aimed for tenth grade students to learn and discuss global issues such as human rights, genocide, and human trafficking. While the program only last six weeks some of the students still wanted to continue the relationship that was built over the sessions. This is a photo that was taken of them showing us a part of the beach neither my friend Taylor Nelson or myself have been too.

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