Trip to Estonia and Latvia! – Catherine from Cornerstone

What a weekend!

My weekend has been a whirlwind, but a GREAT one! Our weekend adventure to Estonia and Latvia began with falling asleep in a bus in Lithuania and waking up in Tallin (the largest city and capitol of Estonia) for breakfast.  There is nothing like waking up to “Guys we are in Estonia, time for an all you can eat breakfast!”  Stepping off the bus I was instantly struck by the beauty of Tallinn.  The buildings were absolutely captivating.  While walking around old town I was absolutely breathless.  My favorite part was a look out over the entire city.  We walked over to the edge of this lookout and I was overcome by awe.  I thought about the documentary we had previously watched in our cross cultural seminar about the independence of Estonia.  I could not help but share in the pride the people feel for their Estonia.  

The next day we ventured to the city of Riga in Latvia.  We arrived in the early evening and were able to see the remnants of a festival that had occurred that day and visit a giant market in the town square.  There were pumpkins everywhere which filled my yearning for the fall and made my heart very happy  This city was beautiful as well.  The buildings were colorful and antique.  We walked down to the water and walked along the bridge at sunset.  It was truly as if God took a paint brush and just exploded paints all over the sky.  The clouds were arranged in such a way they instantly provoked wonder and contemplation.  The following day in Riga we went to church.  I was still reminded of the diversity of God.  It seems that every time I go to a different church I’m reminded of how awesome our God is.  There are so many different ways of worship, and God loves all of them and all of us the same.  He has no favorites and He knows the heart of His people, and that is all that matters to Him

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