Thoughts Upon Re-Entry – Catherine, from Cornerstone

As my time here in Lithuania is getting shorter and shorter I cannot help but think about returning back to the United States.  My heart is heavy as I think about returning home and back to Cornerstone.  It is not that I do not want to go home, it is that I do not want to leave.  Of course I am looking forward to running into my family’s arms at the airport and sitting around the fire place showing pictures and sharing stories of my time here in Lithuania. However, I am not the same person I was when I got on a plane 4 short months ago.  I have made friendships and had new experiences that have opened my eyes and impacted me in ways that I could not have expected, not even a little.  I will cling to every memory and know that I have left part of myself here in Lithuania.  With this being said I ask for your patience and understanding as I return back to Michigan.  This is not going to be an easy transition for me.  Not only am I a different person, but I am leaving behind people that have helped me become more of who I want to be.  I’m leaving relationships that have blessed me in ways I could never imagine. They have become my family and LCC has become my home away from home; they have taught me how to truly love and have challenged me in numerous ways. This has been a time of extreme growth and I hope that I can only continue to grow and discover more about myself and the world around me.

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