Life Post-Acceptance

You’re in!

You’ve completed steps 1-4 from the last post

Now what?
Well, there are two major things that should be in your mind right about now:

  1. Obtaining your Visa
  2. Selecting classes.


You will be sent an envelope with several documents that you need to fill out in a timely manner. Deadlines are especially important in this step. Once the paperwork is completed, you will be sending it all to the Lithuanian Consulate with your passport.

Once your documents are processed, you will receive your passport back in the mail.
***VERY IMPORTANT: When you open your package, you will see your passport and you will smile…and then you will think, “Oh no! Where is my Visa? No Visa means no Lithuania. Oh my goodness, I messed it up.”
But take heart! You do have your Visa! It’s inside your passport! Figuring this out early will save you tears and stress and will reduce the number of panicked phone calls and emails the Study Abroad office receives on this issue. Everybody wins 🙂

Selecting Classes

Another key piece of preparing for your incredible semester is selecting the courses that you will taking here in Lithuania. Having solid communication with your home institution will make a world of difference (pun, get it?). You can find the list of courses that will be offered on the LCC website. Like mine, your institution may have a list of the courses that have been pre-approved to transfer back. Once you know which courses your institution will accept, you can decided which courses to take here. I am a marketing major and am taking three marketing courses here this semester: Market Research, Services Marketing, and New Product Development. Additionally, I am taking Introduction to Theology as it fulfills a Bible credit at my school back home. Getting your course questions answered while you’re physically present at your school in the USA saves you the stress of trying to figure it all out after you get here. Note, however, that Study Abroad staff at LCC will give you great advice if needed!

Again, congratulations and stay tuned for posts (and a great video) with tips on how to pack for your time in Lithuania!

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