Learning the Russian Alphabet

In preparation for our spring break trip to Russia (less than a month from today!!) we will soon begin learning some basic Russian. As a Study Abroad myself, I have appreciated this program’s approach to travel. We are encouraged to be risk-takers and part of being a risk-taker is taking the time to really learn about the places to which we go. We will be spending the next four weeks of our Cross Cultural Seminar learning about Russian language, history, and culture. This way, we will not be entering the experience as tourists, just looking to check Russia off our bucket lists, but as journeyers who have put in the time and effort to allow ourselves to be changed as a result of our travel. This is what being a risk-taker is all about.

In this short clip, you’ll see students from last semester learning some letters in the Russian alphabet. They are as follows:

ё ж з и й к л м н

Hopeful by the time we get to Russia, we’ll be Russian alphabet masters…we shall see!

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