Opportunities Abound

Here at LCC International University, the opportunities to get involved, both on and off campus,truly abound. They’re everywhere!
Three main categories make up involvement here at LCC: Volunteer, Fellows, and Class Practicums (for credit).

Here’s a break down of volunteer efforts going on this semester (Spring 2014) :

3 students are working as English tutors, working with both children and adults11 students are serving in local orphanages

3 students are working with the Sisters of Charity-check out this link for more info https://studyabroadlithuania.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/with-mother-teresas-missionary-sisters-catherine-from-cornersone/

2 students are serving with the chapel band

Additionally, students this semester are working with Yearbook, the Spiritual Life team, CMAP, and Roots of Justice.

On top of all the volunteer opportunities available, students also have the opportunity to apply, before arriving on campus, for the Fellows Program. (Wanna know more? http://www.lcc.lt/fellows-program)

This semester, two Fellows are serving in the Human Resource Department, two with Roots of Justice, one teaching English to children, and then there’s me, Danica, the Study Abroad office intern. One of my responsibilities as a Fellow is writing this blog that you’re reading right now. WILD, but true.

Lastly, LCC offers opportunities for students to complete their practicums for credit. Think about it, how many of your peers will be able to say that they did their practicum abroad. This could be you! (Just something to think about 🙂 )

Studying abroad here is so much more than just studying. We are experiencing a whole new world and through volunteer opportunities, fellowships, and practicums, we are living out what being here is all about: Being a RISK-TAKER.

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