Word (s) of the Day : Pienas & Kefyras

Friends! Happy Tuesday.
Today’s words are pienas & kefyras. Pienas is the word for milk in Lithuanian. Kefyras is the word for kefir.
Both white cold beverages. How different could they be, right?

SO DIFFERENT. Take notes people.

Now, maybe the rest of the world is super familiar with kefir. HOWEVER, the Study Abroads are infamous for confusing the two. According to trusty Wikipedia, kefir is  “a fermented milk drink made with kefir grains.” My sweet Ukrainian roommate let me try some of hers and I must emphasis that though it may look like good old USA milk, IT IS NOT. If you were to say, put it on your breakfast cereal, your Lucky Charms would be floating in a thick white mixture that tastes a bit like sour cream. Which isn’t an awful taste if you’re prepared.
So, friends, be prepared and you’ll have no trouble with pienas & kefyras. Look at you, you’re practically a local.

ImageHere is my dear friend Kate holding the two drinks. See, Kate knows the difference. Be like Kate everybody.

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