Packing: Riga and Tallinn

As mentioned in Tuesday’s post, next week we set out for Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia for a long weekend. It is bound to be an incredible experience. A lesson many of us have learned through this Study Abroad experience is the importance of proper packing. Our 9-day journey throughRussia with only backpack had shown us that we really can thrive, or at least survive, with very little possessions in tow.


Tallinn, Estonia

For this trip, we will need the following items:




A pillow and a blanket for the bus ride (optional, yet strongly recommended)

Book for the bus


Couple warm sweaters as weather further north can be unpredictable

Swimming suit for the pool in Tallinn (optional) 

Should be a great trip! Stay tuned to hear how it all turns out!



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