Community Day!

Yesterday, LCC hosted an event called Community Day. Community Day started with a 5k run to the beach & back, ending at the Michelsen Centre back on campus. I had a blast running to the beach with my fellow students, and met a few other people during the race. LCC provided a hotdog dinner for everybody that came to the Community Day. Several professors brought their families (and dogs!) to the event as well. It was really nice to see so many people from LCC in one place.

The start of the run!

There were several booths on the lawn as well. There were stations for face painting, balloon twisting, photo-booths, and different sports as well. After everybody had eaten, we all played tug-of-war on the field! LCC had its various classes competing against each other, and my class (the juniors/third years) won! Additionally, the community played a giant game of Twister for people on the grass, which was hilarious to watch.

The last events of the night were line dances! We all learned how to do a traditional Moldovan dance called the hora. Everybody was super excited to learn the dance. It was really interesting for me as an American to learn this traditional dance from native Moldovans.

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