Semester Theme — Global Competency

I hope that everybody’s week is off to a good start! Every semester, the Study Abroad Lithuania program has a theme. This semester’s theme is Global Competency. Part of any study abroad program is gaining experiences in an unfamiliar part of the world. At LCC, students have the unique opportunity to interact with students from all over the world. I live with 4 other students; together, we represent 5 different countries including the United States, Belarus, Russia, Georgia (the country!), and Lithuania!

This semester, I hope to learn how to interact with other people cross culturally. I am excited to learn how different cultures encourage their students to learn, and which characteristics they value.

The study abroad office has asked a few Study Abroad students (both current and former) to share what they hoped to get out of their experience. Here is what they said!

CORY CHEA, Spring 2013

SALT opened me up to a culture I knew nothing about before arriving in Klaipeda. Because of my experience in LT, I can look at world issues involving Eastern Europe from an informed perspective and ask local friends how they have been affected by the recent events. 
SALT helped me to learn more about how I handle new situations and helped me to develop skills to approach unknowns with confidence.


Spending a semester in Lithuania has not only prepared me, but has propelled me into the world to be a radical difference maker.


Being overseas has really reinforced my views on the American necessity to travel and has helped me to grow by realizing more about what I am completely ignorant of as an American Christian living in a bubble. The lifestyle, the culture, the rhetoric, the way you ask someone about their day; This beautifully created world is a lot larger than was once conceived across the pond. If one is able, take a trip, no matter how long. You may find another side of Jesus sitting on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Here is a reflection video from past SALT students: 

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