Classes — Marriage & Family

Hello everybody! As you may know, the theme of this semester for the Study Abroad department is global competency. One of the psychology classes here offered is Marriage and Family, which I thought could provide some interesting insights into how family dynamics differed across cultures. I asked my friend, Janine (who is from Germany), a few questions regarding the class. I hope that you will find her answers as insightful and interesting as I have.

This semester’s theme is Global Competency

“What type of material do you cover in your Marriage & Family class?”

In Marriage and Family the topic is exactly what the name says, we started to review our own family where we born in and talk about ways to work over bad experiences. Then we continued talking about finding a spouse and which questions you should address for sharing life. After this we talked about marriage and how this changes the life of the couple. Topics like conflicts and especially how to solve them where part of the class. Currently we look at the topic children, pregnancy and parenthood. We read about the topics, discuss and watch movies about it, which makes it more interesting.

“Has the information from your class changed the way that you view people/the world at all? If so, how?”

It was in many ways information I have heard before, but I just realized again that marriage and family is not part of life. If you get married it is the main point of life, which has shaped my decision-making. One sentence was important for me that it is easy to get married but to stay married is life long hard work, which should be worth it in the end! I saw this class as a kind of preparation for my own life and I guess it is a good preparation!

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