Class — Political Economy

Hello Everybody! Today, I interviewed a few of LCC’s Study Abroad Students about their Political Economy class. Here is what they said!

1) What is your class about?

“Political economy looking at topics around the world in which politics and economics are inextricably linked and affected by one another. We study different key events, current issues, as well as history of development and current theories and happenings. We look at how war affects economics and how governments are formed and linked to the current economic markets.” – Alex Allen

2) How has it changed your worldview about certain topics? The more specific the better .

“I think the class has been really important for me while studying in Lithuania, especially since the country is about to join the Eurozone. Learning about the government, democracy, and communism in the world has been super important and very real since we are over here. Everything that I am learning has been super applicable because of where I am. We also talked about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It’s been really neat talking to my Ukrainian roommates, as well as getting information from the textbooks. It’s also been really interesting being in class with so many different countries being represented.” -Emily David

3) What has been the most challenging topic for you to discuss and why? I dunno if y’all actually talk about tough stuff, but only answer as you feel comfortable.

“There have definitely been topics that I don’t feel like I can really speak about because I haven’t experienced them as much as many of the other students here have. I realized more from the class about my naivety to global topics, and therefore don’t have the authority to speak about them.” – Emily David

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