Travel Stories

Labas Mano Draugai (Hello my friends)!

Many students take advantage of Lithuania’s location by going on weekend trips outside of Lithuania. I asked a few of my fellow study abroad students to share some of their experiences while on their adventures.

1) Where have you travelled to outside of Lithuania? Where has been your favorite place that you’ve traveled?

“Other than the trips that the entire Study Abroad group has done (Latvia, Estonia, and Russia), I’ve traveled to Poland, Kaliningrad (AKA Lithuania Minor), Norway, Germany, and Finland. Then this upcoming weekend, I’ll be in Italy! Out of those, I think Germany’s been my favorite.” – Melanie Hyo-In Han

“I’ve been to Kraków, Poland, Tallinn, Estonia, Riga, Latvia, St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, and London and Oxford, England. My favorite was either Riga or St Petersburg or Kraków. Haha that’s not helpful but I liked them all for different reasons! However I notice a trend that each of those places had great hostels, great weather, and great food..” – Amanda Turnquist

2) Can you share one story about your time while traveling?

“While I was visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau in Poland, I met a man from Guatemala; throughout the entire tour, which was emotionally exhausting, he made sure that I was okay by sticking by me and encouraging me. I was really comforted by him, and that’s when I was reminded that sometimes, the kindness of a stranger is what means the most.”- Melanie Hyo-In Han

Mel & Gaby in Kaliningrad, Russia.
Mel & Gaby in Kaliningrad, Russia.

“Auschwitz was a very moving experience. So many pieces of history have come to life by being in these places. I have such a better grasp on The Soviet times, the holocaust, and many of the social movements that have taken place in this part of the world. The people I met on these trips will be some of the most memorable things as well. They are what really make things memorable.” -Amanda Turnquist

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