11 Places to Visit in Lithuania during Orientation

1) Trakai Castletrakai

The 600-year old home of the grand dukes, now renovated as a museum, and no longer heated by hot air.

2) KGB Museum


Political prisoners were held in cells under the central KGB offices in Vilnius and subjected to various kinds of mistreatment.

3) HBH
A rustic restaurant and park in Palanga with traditional Lithuanian food and goods

4) Akropolis


An extravert’s dream: shopping, movie theaters, ice-skating, music, shopping, bowling, gelato, and shopping.
An introvert’s nightmare: shopping, movie theaters, ice-skating, music, shopping, bowling, gelato, and shopping.

5) Palangapalanga
Whether you’re in the mood to explore the coast, catch some rays, or ride through the town by bicycle, Palanga can offer almost anything to anyone.

6) National Cathedralcath


During the Soviet era, the cathedral housed Vilnius’ auto repair shop. The statues on its roof represent the three traditions of Christianity in Lithuania: Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism.

7) Stebuklassteb
The stone commemorates the miracle (stebuklas in Lithuanian) of the peaceful protest of the Baltic States against the Soviet Union, known as the Baltic Way. This is where a chain of Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians holding hands from Tallinn to Vilnius ended.

8) Humana


‘cuz new clothes aren’t nearly as exciting

9) Gediminas’ Castle: a view from the top

Gediminas, the founder of Vilnius, constructed his castle on a hill overlooking the city. He dreamt that an iron wolf told him to build a city here.

10) Užupis


Because why not have an eccentric artist community with its own constitution in the middle of the capital?

11) Market


Where you can see those old ladies lay down a fat beet

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