3 Ways to Stay Warm in Klaipeda

1) Base Layer

Base Layer
the most important layer, think t-shirts, tank tops and long sleeves. this also goes for your bottom half. you’d be surprised how many pairs of leggings and tights one can fit under their pants! (guys this goes for you too!)

2) Insulation Layer

Insulation layer
this is where the warmth really starts to build up; add your sweaters, sweatshirts, flannels, cardigans, etc.
ignore the fact that you may be losing the ability to move your arms comfortably because at least you will be warm!

3) Outer Layer

Outer shell
this is the final layer that traps all of your body heat inside. one coat will simply not do the trick… you need a coat, then a warmer coat and finally a rain coat (because when is there ever a dry day in Klaipeda?)
also, never forget your hat, scarf and mittens!

stick to these basic layering tips and you will be ready to conquer any climate that Lithuania throws your way! and if you still aren’t sure how to dress, the more the merrier is what I always say!

PS: when in doubt, sock it out! nothing is worse than cold, wet feet!


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