10 Helpful Phrases to know in Lithuanian

1) Labas!

Hello! The most important word to know whenever you go anywhere!

2) Ar jūs kalbate angliškai?

Do you speak English? This phrase comes in handy OFTEN as you will end up using it anywhere and everywhere you go

3) Aš nesuprantu lietuviškai.

I don’t understand Lithuanian. People will assume you know Lithuanian so you need to let them now that you don’t

4) Mano vardas…

My name is … Coming to LCC you will be meeting a lot of people and it’s a nice gesture to be able to introduce yourself in their native language

5) Ačiū.

Thank you.  You will be doing a lot of thanking in the first few weeks while you are trying to get adjusted to the culture and surroundings

6) Taip/ Ne

Yes/ No. Two of the easiest words to learn and use in conversation

7) Atsiprašau

Excuse me/ Sorry. Just like thank you, you will be doing a lot of apologizing and excusing for almost everything you do until you get adjusted

8) Nežinau. 

I don’t know. A phrase that has become frequently used in my daily vocabulary!

9) Kur yra tualetas?

Where is the bathroom/toilets? Bathrooms are not as clearly marked like they are in the states. If you are ever stuck and can’t remember this phrase, just look for the door marked WC!

10) Ar galite man padėti, pasiklydau!

Could you help me, I am lost! It’s very hard to get lost around LCC but whenever you are travelling to a foreign country you should be able to ask for help in case the situation presents itself

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